My Story

My name is Kenneth and I am currently really into designing digital things that make people want to use them over and over again. Before pursuing head-on a path of a User Experience (or UX/UI) designer, I have always been interested in human thought, behaviour, and movement. My loves of visual design and psychology found a nice fit within the practice of User Experience (UX) design and I have decided to stay here for much longer.

The evolving practice of UX design has challenged me to think differently. It has made me more empathetic to others, to be more patient and taking into consideration the many factors involved in any kind of project involving human interaction. This 'attitude' as a UX designer pushes me to approach problems from a multi-dimensional and an open-minded perspective. 



I grew up in two beautiful cities of the world, Singapore and Vancouver. Two places that have many cultural differences, but both with a strong influence on my formative years. Having parents of different races further diversifies my experience of the world from a young age. I love exploring the world, its cultures and practices and learning many things both in the physical and the mental realms. I'm always open for a chat, give me a shout.

If you are in Singapore, I'd be happy to grab coffee!